Your journey is unique! There is no one-size-fits-all in business. Your business is unique to you. 

Now that we’ve established that, let’s actually help you get started. With my help, and the help of a team of amazing service providers, you will:

  • First decide on whether Amazon is right for your business and, if so, which marketplace in particular;
  • Set up your Australian eCommerce business the right way the first time;
  • Understand how your decisions today can affect your business in the future;
  • Make strategic decisions that will maximise the value of your business for a future sale;
  • Select your brand name and get your domain names, website, trademarks, GS1 Barcodes and other business assets and tools in place to start on the right foot;
  • Get a test product on the market and decide which platform, whether Amazon or non-Amazon, is best for you and your products;
  • Select your products and niche with confidence, based on your own budget and strategy;
  • If you already have an existing business, skip all the steps above and validate your products and business model for the marketplace you intend to enter;
  • Create an international business with the help of Amazon FBA, as well as eBay.com, Catch.com.au, Etsy.com or any other platform you would like to utilise;
  • Learn from a library of how-to videos and articles when you need them;
  • Ask questions along the way about what you should do to take your business to the next stage;
  • Learn real business practices, not a get-rich-quick scheme;
  • Grow your business with real white-hat compliant and legal strategies, not black-hat infringing practices;
  • Create a business that you are proud of, whether it’s a side-gig or a 7-figure empire;
  • Learn what to do about product safety standards, certificates, insurance and account suspensions;
  • Learn how to sell on multiple marketplaces, in multiple countries;
  • Learn how to market your products with PPC, Sponsored ads, keyword optimisation, photography and eCommerce best practices;
  • Learn how to protect your brand with Amazon Brand Registry across marketplaces in different countries;
  • Learn how to take advantage of the tools that Amazon provides in order to build your brand, even if you never retail any of your products on Amazon yourself;
  • Decide whether your business would be better served investing in other marketplaces as well, such as catch.com.au or eBay.com;
  • If you already have your own brand or retail business, decide which products are suitable for Amazon, protect your brand on every Amazon marketplace internationally, and validate your choices to add Amazon to your distribution channels.
All this is possible through a combination of course content, Q&A in the private Facebook Group, as well as monthly workshops and mastermind sessions. I also offer one-on-one consultations that will fast track you at your own pace. 

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